Operating as a FinTech company of experienced executives, officers, and entrepreneurs, GNOSIS SECURED™ has analyzed the market over a decade of study developing a payment solution that we estimate saves our clients up to 85% in direct processing costs. At this moment, there are numerous companies making claims that they offer electronic payment solutions, but no one in the worker’s compensation arena is offering the GNOSIS SECURED™ *no-fee multiple payment solution!


In cooperation with our partner/bank, GNOSIS SECURED™ will provide the front end solution of managing and maintaining provider and injured worker files in order to migrate check payments to electronic or debit card payment solutions. GNOSIS SECURED’s™ front end process will be in conjunction with our back-end payment processor allowing providers to be paid electronically via EFT/ACH, and injured workers to be paid through EFT/ACH, pre-paid debit cards, or online accounts via our mobile application. GNOSIS SECURED™ provides full implementation support with a dedicated support manager and account representative to ensure maximum transition efficiency, and since we adapt to our client’s current software system, migration is a pain-free, turn-key process for maximum convenience.


* No Fee for payment recipient (injured parties or providers).

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July 2015
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July 20, 2015
Gnosis Secured "Go Green" Foundation
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