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The Gnosis Secured "Go Green" Initiative

GNOSIS SECURED™ has made an environmental commitment to better our planet by helping our clients decrease carbon emissions that lead to global warming and climate change. The GNOSIS SECURED™ paperless solution is just the first step in reducing our client's organizational impact on our planet.

Our phase 2, "Go Green" Initiative is the next step in the GNOSIS SECURED™ pro-environmental pledge to better our planet. For every ton of paper we save through our modernized payment solutions, the GNOSIS SECURED™ Go Green Foundation will plant 10 trees.

Whether it's saving our clients money in direct processing costs, speeding up the access and efficiency of information and funds, or going green with our environmental friendly initiative - The GNOSIS SECURED™ optimal solution is making a difference for both our clients and our environment.


Reduce your reliance on paper and save a tree! Go Green and call GNOSIS SECURED™ today!


go green Our Paperless Solution

Modernizing your payment processing – a paperless shift that saves our clients up to 85% in direct processing costs (personnel, material resources, facility space).

GNOSIS SECURED™ improves the timeliness of payments…No lost checks…No late penalties...and our solutions are environmentally friendly!

For more information, visit our Go Green Foundation on LinkedIn.


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July 2015
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July 20, 2015
Gnosis Secured "Go Green" Foundation
Sign up for our "paperless" modernized payment solution, and we'll plant a tree on your behalf.
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