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The Leader in Access, Innovation, and Security for Worker's Compensation and Property and Casualty Claims

GNOSIS SECURED™ along with our leading Payment System Processor, will host a number of value-added services:  Saving our clients up to 85% in processing costs, delivering safe and secure leading edge 21st century technology, and exceeding our client’s service needs by giving them piece of mind knowing they have one of the largest electronic payment processors in the nation. Our clients will see the fastest and most efficient payment method available today.  They will see an appreciably less expensive payment method, giving them a competitive advantage within their respective industry segment, while significantly improving their bottom line.


Payment Process Lifecycle

Minimize implementation time with Gnosis Secured's streamlined implementation process. Gnosis Secured™ has orchistrated a process that requires minimal time and effort of client technology groups. Simply provide secure access to invoices/payments you already generate and we can do the rest. View our interactive process flow here!


Superior Access

Online Card Activation for Injured Party and Providers via Gnosis Secured™ website. 24/7 Customer Support & text/email notifications for funds transfers & EOB attachments. Online access for clients, providers, and injured worker showing transfers, current balances, and historical information pertaining to each debit card or ACH payment.


Latest Technology

Gnosis Secured™ is adding convenience to fund recipients by giving the card holder the ability to pay selected merchants through their smartphone in lieu of our prepaid debit cards. Debit cards and smartphones are equipped with the MasterCard PayPass Touch and Go feature.


Gnosis "Safe" and "Secured"

Our focus on data security is such a number one priority that we’ve made it a part of our name. We've dedicated our resources to protect the data we receive and send by using advanced biometrics that ensures the highest level of security and data encryption in the market.

New! Property and Casualty claim payment solutions!

Our market segments have expanded beyond Worker's Compensation to include Property and Casualty claims

Our service is customized to the client, scalable, easily accommodating growth without extensive infrastructure.  We leverage advanced secure technology to facilitate reductions across the customer’s direct operating cost associated with paper check transactions (savings of up to 85%), and enhance the efficiency of account reconciliations and internal audits. Contact our sales team at 1-844-446-6747 to find out how we can save you time and money, or send us an email on our Contact Us page.

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Go Green - Our Paperless Solution

Modernizing your payment processing – a paperless shift that saves our clients up to 85% in direct processing costs (personnel, material resources, facility space).

GNOSIS SECURED™ improves the timeliness of payments…No lost checks…No late penalties...and our solutions are environmentally friendly!

The GNOSIS SECURED™ Go Green Initiative

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July 20, 2015
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